Stranger Times; The Queen Street Twins

All content Kobi Blake-Craig, relatively inspired by the sibling rivalry she frequently witnesses in Brisbane’s Queen Street.


The other day, I was in the city, in the middle of Queen Street Mall and there were two elderly twin sisters fighting. Continue reading


School’s Out For The Summer

Sarah whips up some tunes that are super relevant. Artwork by Sarah

get out of jail 1

If there was ever a time during school besides every other day, that I wanted to burst into song and have the voices of my peers join in  slowly, as they leapt into naturally timed and synched choreography, it was definitely on the last day. (HSM fever is so contagious, it should be illegal.) Continue reading

The Power Is Yours

Michael (one of our new writers) talks about The Power. Artwork by Sarah

get out of jail

It’s November, and as football turns to cricket and seagulls prepare for another long hot summer of being chased around by bratty kids, those same kids are counting the days until their tyrannical teachers finally give up on trying to educate them and let them run wild for six long weeks. Continue reading