The Original Rad Men

Kobi Blake-Craig

Rad man no 1.

Kobi is a top notch example of an excellence in human form. A year ago she conceived the legendary blog Department of Unscientific Research and as sweet unqualified rambling goes, she has never looked back. Now Rad Men extraordinaire, Kobi aspires to continue ranting on in true wankerlike spirit. She’s basically James Franco, but with a vagina.

“Kobi. That’s such a funny name.” One of Sarah’s friends

“ROBI IS RUPER” Kobi’s dog


Sarah Simpkins

Rad man no 2.

Sarah Simpkins reeks of solid success. Founder of Girl With A Top Knot, Sarah rants with more intellectual sass than K-Rudd during his Kevin07 campaign. Hold onto your top knots as Sarah continues to nurture her love of the English language as one of the original Rad Men.

“The coolest vegetarian I know, if I don’t include myself.” Kobi Blake-Craig

“I don’t know Sarah. But I feel like I know Sarah.” Some friend of Kobi.

“Yeah, I have read her name before” Some anon in South Korea.



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