The Sound of You and Me

Presenting the playlist of the month, as curated by Kobi and Sarah. Artwork by Sarah

sound of you and me 1

This month we are all about humans and their interactions with other humans, so when we began to compile a playlist on a Sunday afternoon, we wanted to select jams about as wide a variety of relationships as possible.  Continue reading


School’s Out For The Summer

Sarah whips up some tunes that are super relevant. Artwork by Sarah

get out of jail 1

If there was ever a time during school besides every other day, that I wanted to burst into song and have the voices of my peers join in  slowly, as they leapt into naturally timed and synched choreography, it was definitely on the last day. (HSM fever is so contagious, it should be illegal.) Continue reading

Q & A with “iwantaltitude”

Here at the Rad Men headquarters we spend inappropriate amounts of time surfing YouTube. Our favourite Youtube past times include 100 Ways to Love a Cat and bad American reality tv such as I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, To Catch A Predator and Lock Up. Along with making it really easy for us to access our guilty pleasures, Youtube  has created a platform for young and upcoming musicians be seen and most importantly heard.

With 41,391 subscribers, she is a little Youtube famous. She featured in Goyte’s YouTube orchestra and  most importantly is a fellow Saddle Club enthusiast. She really is an honorary Rad Man. Introducing iwantaltitude….

Continue reading