Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 7

November 2013. School’s Out. Artwork by Kobi

art work text

Hey Rad Men,

2013 is almost out of the door. Continue reading


Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 6

October 2013. Fear. Artwork by Kobi


Hey people who can read,

As humble Rad Men, we would like to apologise for our lack of online presence. We are so sorry that we allowed the universe to sweep us into its bulging arms and carry us off into the unforgiving desert that is life. Continue reading

Rad Man of the Month: Tavi Gevinson

Scan 58

Sarah cannot understand just how someone can be so rad.

Tavi Gevinson is like a young athlete competing in the Olympics that you’ll look at and in comparison feel depressingly incompetent. This girl is a force, I tell ya, and one that reeks of Radical Manship. A sixteen year old feminist, pop culture nerd and founder of the wonder that is Rookie, it’s a wonder how she is even real.

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Rad Man of the Month: Victoria Woodhull

Scan 56

Sarah reveals the Rad Man of the Month and her new hero. When Sarah grows up, she wants to be Victoria Woodhull.

There are two types of this people in this world. Some will tell you that they consist of dog and cat lovers, without factoring in the possibilities of people genuinely obsessing over God’s other creations, or totally being above favoritism of species. The smug mathematwats will inform you that there are 10 types while smirking. Wow if that is you, get this in your precious binary speak: your pee pee is probably 10cm at the most to boot. (ie. 2cm. LOLZ MATHZ).

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Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 1

Scan 54

May 2013. The beginnings of an excellent adventure. 

First Impressions

Greetings fellow earthlings. We’d like to congratulate you. Chances are if you are reading this, you are literate. You deserve some fresh snaps for that. (If you actually aren’t and your patient great aunt Fran is narrating this for you, kudos for trying anyway) You are probably wondering what qualifications do we have under our karate belts to present you with this accomplishment. Well. We are the original Radical Men. And if you are reading this, you are witnessing something truly special; the birth of our majestic zine.

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