I’d Reblog That: Natalie Foss

An interview with superb artiste Natalie Foss aka Natalienated.

We could look at Natalie Foss’ drawings all day.

They’re intimate and whimsical. The carefully pencilled details make each work intrinsically fascinating, constituting her Tumblr into a one stop scroll nation.There is only one button on her page you need to click, and it’s follow.

We had a chat recently, and it was then that we decided to have two tumblr artists of the month instead of just one. There is too much excellency on the internet to handle, and here we have some of it just for you.

Meet Natalie Foss.


Introduce yourself to the good people.

I am Natalie, a 26 year old illustrator and artist based in Oslo, Norway, where I also was born and raised. I studied illustration at Kingston University.

What do you have to say for yourself in terms of your art?

I’ve always loved creating, and drawing is the thing that has really become my thing. I enjoy drawing faces and emotional portraits, and I am especially interested in the people that are a bit out of place. Ousiders! Creating images provides the freedom of self-expression, which I think is both important and fun.

When did you first pick up a pencil and decide that drawing was your thang?

I have been drawing since I was two or three, but it was when I was around 18 that I realized I had to do something (more) about it! 

Are any of the faces you draw real?

I always use photos of people as reference when I draw, so yes, kind of! But I always add some sort of twist to them, add a little bit of something extra, to make them «my own».

Do you have any interest in using any other mediums besides the ol’ pen and paper?

Yes, I like trying out new materials and mediums! At the moment I’m too hooked on colour pencils, but I really like the texture that ink and oil pastels give.

When you’re not drawing, sleeping or eating; what are you doing?

Listening to music, going to gigs/concerts, running or watching Animal Cops.

If you were Lord of the Universe, which 3 colours would you delete from all existence? (This is a very hard question for any artist, we know)

This is a hard one! But I think I would say greyish brown, beige and dark green. I don’t use them much in my illustrations.

Finally, our theme this month is You and Me. Do you have any foolhardy relationship advice for our readers?

Always trust your own feelings. Especially your gut feelings!

\\ natalieff.tumblr.com

\\ nataliefoss.co.uk

\\ society6.com/NatalieFoss

\\ facebook.com/nataliefossillustration


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