A Brief Annal on Love

*disclaimer annal featured in 5th paragraph only* 

Kobi on affairs of the heart. Artwork by Kobi. 


Love, by all accounts is supposed to make the world spin around.

We are told from a young age that a relationship defines us. We grow up with popular culture telling us that finding him, finding her will change something. Perhaps, it will make you a better person; perhaps you will make them a better person. But together the world is yours, because it is too sad, too lonely and too empty to exist alone.

We are conditioned to believe in Barbie and Ken. Taught that Cinderella’s only ticket out of poverty stricken orphan-hood is to marry wealthy, royal blood lines. If Aerial was able to overcome the inter-species barrier; if Eric was ay-ok with marrying a large fish; certainly I can find another human being to fall wildly in love with me, right?Every year the big ole’ Valentine’s Day seems to becoming more relevant to the people around me, and I simply do not understand it.

Why is it that your relationship status becomes more pressing on this day of the year? Why does your single-dom become suddenly more horrendous on this day of the year? Why must you shit your #love #blessus #lovehim/her #myworld hashtags into my newsfeed more frequently this one day of the year?

Unless you were the victim (or perhaps I should say your mother was the victim) of a multiple birth, you were brought into this wonderful world on your lonesome. You spent (I pray) at least the first decade of your life being satisfied with parental love. If you have been/ are lucky enough to have found your #soulm8, if don’t take time to acknowledge and love ‘em any other day of the year, is there really a point?

If we consider Valentine’s Day from an historical point of view, we once again back our trucks up a dead end. It commenced as a liturgical celebration of the early Christian Saint Valentinus. Valentinus was associated with the performing of illegal weddings for both soldiers and ministering Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. That is it. That is literally why shops put up the price of roses (both edible and otherwise) in the name of love.

If we are going to celebrate love, can we at least do it properly? Can we just, for a moment consider the fact that there are 925 million people hungry in the world. That on Friday when the people at Central station were throwing their money at the florist stalls, there was a young girl holding a sign 16, homeless and pregnant with two ten cent pieces in front of herAt risk of sounding a little like Jesus, if every person who burnt their money on teddy bears or chocolate donated that amount to a complete and utter stranger who needed it; wouldn’t that be a display of the most pure and simple love for one’s neighbor?

The word love is so general and all encompassing; and I think we all miss the mark with it a little. Love doesn’t have to be purely romantic and passionate, it can also be protective and friendly. The bible has a pretty classic piece about the old L.O.V.E being patient and kind and I think it was onto something.

I tagged along to my Nan’s church group last week. I know, it sounds a lot out of character and not dissimilar to a suicide note, but I am trying to grab life by the loins at the moment so I thought I would experiment with religion, a little (please note the little).  In a small, dingy demountable building in the outskirts of Carindale sat about twenty five woman just excreting pure love. They were knitting cotton bandages for lepers, sewing gowns for stillborn babies, making quilts for families in Cambodia , backpacks for children in Fiji, organizing parcels for people who have just come out of prison. There was not a single socio-economic group excluded, no country was too far. And there was something very touching about this.

I’m not a particularly a great fan of organized religion, but these women (to me) were preaching nothing more than love. Perhaps next Valentines Day, or fuck it tomorrow we should consider generosity and compassion a little more than trying to get laid. Because aren’t generosity and compassion the ingredients for true love? Sure, it won’t make you orgasm but it might make someone smile.


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