The Sound of You and Me

Presenting the playlist of the month, as curated by Kobi and Sarah. Artwork by Sarah

sound of you and me 1

This month we are all about humans and their interactions with other humans, so when we began to compile a playlist on a Sunday afternoon, we wanted to select jams about as wide a variety of relationships as possible. We have your classic love songs, the almost as reverent break up song, but we as humans of the human race knew that not everyone we know wants to be love with everyone they know. Like the political system of communism, it sounds ideal and very peaceful; yet it’s a general concept that ignores some minor but significant details. You could say we’re being pedantic, but we’re not really keen on exploring what happens when things like incest aren’t frowned upon by society any more. Ancient Egypt did that and it’s old and kind of gross. You have to remember, it’s the little things you guys.

So we have included songs such as Father and Son by Cat Stevens and An Open Letter to Stephen Fry by Molly Lewis and Haters by Hilary Duff. It’s a myriad of connections, just as varied and complex as the ones you have with your fellow humans. We here at Rad Men are keeping it real. So grab your closest neighbour and twerk it out to the end of time.

sound of you and me

sound of you and me 3

sound of you and me 2


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