Editor’s Letter: Issue No. 8

February 2014. You and Me.

Art work by 9 year old Kobi because 18 year old Kobi could not be arsed. 


Hey friends,

Please don’t take offense when we say this, but you are all weird. As certified psychologists with 20 years of experience and good friends of Sir. David Attenborough’s, we can confirm that is scientific fact. It is biological dogma that humans are flippin’ strange. How else can we explain the phenomenon of a good proportion of you freely choosing to pour cow mammalian juice onto your pieces of wheat every morning. Or the fact that your most valued possessions tend to be hard and shiny and non-edible and pretty much useless except in the rare occurrence that you feel the need to blind your enemies with reflected sunlight. (THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. WHY DO YOU HARBOUR YOUR DIAMONDS SO, THEY DON’T HAVE POWERS)

Maybe it really is as Douglas Adams ‘jokes’/theorizes in The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Universe; we are pretty much useless as individual beings, but together we are just imported Samsung parts within the computer that is Planet Earth.

As your loyal pals, we have to be honest here. As you may have realized between our repeated choruses of ‘what is life’, we do not have the ability to grant you spiritual satisfaction. All we know is that we got something special between us here.

Every month Kobi tries to theme Rad Men really generically. Suggestions have included inspiration and more recently relationships. But apparently Sarah doesn’t like the idea of being some weird hybrid of Dolly (sex love and relationships column) and a poorly done stand up routine at the Holland Park Pub. February is the month we are told to buy into love (specifically on the 14th) and we want to explore those feels. The love between YOU AND ME (this is our theme) dear reader. The love between Sarah and the Chinese mafia. The love Kobi harbours for Stephen Fry. Our appreciation of Morriessey’s hair and tattoo decisions some people make.  And fuck it, even the love the cab driver who peered into his review mirror and said nothing as you threw up in your hands last Thursday night.

These are the memoirs of our feels, our mistakes and our love for one another. So put on the kettle and forget The Notebook, because no one can share saliva in the rain as well as we can.


Kobi and Sarah


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