99 Problems But Pants Ain’t One

The story of Clare and her pants. Photo by Clare.

pants vish 

The other day, after a fruitful expedition to Spotlight, I decided to sew myself some pants.

I am no seamstress. The appearance of this rather large obstacle so early in my creative endeavour should have been enough to turn me off, right? But alas, I can be a stubborn bitch when it comes to creative enterprises, so at three a.m on a Friday morning there I was, teaching myself what I failed to learn in year ten home economics (D+ holla). This kind of anarchic productivity has occurred sporadically throughout my life (I’m sure that every university student would have these feels) and although I can’t be certain if it is a good or bad habit to get into, it has definitely got me thinking about how weirdly we tackle problems.

Why do people persevere? I mean honestly. I have asked myself this question countless times as life’s challenges have arisen. And not just us as individuals either, but as an entire species? Heck, why is living even a thing? Does the universe really give a damn that there are amoebas wriggling around in micro environments that are barely even apparent to us? It all seems a bit ridiculous really that we all set goals and aspirations when in the end our bodies will disintegrate back into the soil and sky. So, like, why?

Martin Luther King Jr has this pretty famous quote that goes “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” I think that he hit it on the heard pretty well with that one sentence. The feeling that you get after accomplishing something you’ve set your heart on, even if it is just making pants, is what everyone chases. And it probably gets addictive once you’ve felt it once. Basically, the people who choose to persevere despite the problems they face literally last longer than the ones who don’t and that, to me, is an empowering thought in itself.

So to everyone reading this, I hope you have set some goals for yourselves this year and I hope you can persevere. Rooting 4 u 5eva.



One thought on “99 Problems But Pants Ain’t One

  1. I have an interest in a lot of scientific topics, and a recurring theme in evolutionary biology of humans is selfishness, as a survival tool mostly. I’m tempted to envision our eagerness to succeed during a challenge as a selfishness thing, maybe like a male lion fighting another male lion, it will create a level of respect for you from others. Kind of boosting your reputation i guess. As much as we think we do things for ourselves or from the kindness of our hearts, biology says it all comes down to survival. As grim as it may be, it is a very interesting thought.

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