Oops Caught A Mental Illness

Clare is a guru, again. Artwork by Kobi

brain visual

I display all the symptoms of an A.D.H.D sufferer, with fidgeting, lack of concentration and organization being just a few common indicators. I have never been diagnosed with the condition by a doctor so I can’t know for sure, but why bother if it’s not troubling anyone? What if these ‘symptoms’ are really character flaws that I need to work on, not a chemical imbalance inside my brain? What if the same could be said for greediness?

Is greed a mental illness? I mean, it has all the symptoms (see what I did there). For one, not everyone is greedy so it’s not like it affects everyone. Could it even be hereditary perhaps? Like any other mental illness, greediness has symptoms including a constant craving for more, inability to compromise and sense of impatience. Of course, just as a day of sadness doesn’t equal depression, wanting something for yourself every now and then doesn’t equal greed. Similar to OCD, there is a certain level of obsession associated with greed that transcends what is necessary and individuals are driven to do or attain MORE, despite the consequences to themselves and others.

For the human race- a species which has thrived upon their ability to function in communities- how could a characteristic such as greed be considered normal behaviour? What if monkey man stole the mammoth carcass from his tribe and ate it with salt and pepper whilst his brothers starved? Also, greed is curable. All over the place there are stories about people who undergo experiences which cure them of their greediness. Heck, how many of you have heard of Ebenezer Scrooge (if you haven’t you’re missing out on one of the most righteous Christmas stories out there)?

What if greed is the plague of the 21st century? It kills people and tarnishes the environment and we probably won’t stop until we admit we have a problem. But unlike A.D.H.D or any other mental illness, there is one thing that greed lacks- a doctor to sign the prescription papers.


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