2013: A Review

Kobi reviews 2013, the year that was. Artwork by Kobi

How to even commence reviewing 2013, the little shit. It had so much promise, twelve months out in the real world making adult decisions.

2013, is the following season to 2012. There was so much scope for improvement, but the directors just seemed to miss the mark. While the themes were adjusted severely….“I’m a University drop out March” and “What Am I Doing With My Life May” as well as “What Is the Meaning to My Life June” all became so very repetitive. The underlying pessimistic tone of 2013 really starts to shit you off after “November, Maybe You Should Figure Out What to Do With Your Life”.

It isn’t all abominable. 2013 was the launching pad for stars such as Tony Abbott, although you would think wardrobe could shake things up a little in the tie department. Just because you lead a country doesn’t mean you can pull a Homer Simpson and never get out of blue and white Tony. Although his character (/policies) have a few plot discrepancies, we won’t hold it against the Liberal party.

The best and strongest part of 2013, would have to be the soundtrack. It has given us Yeezus and AM (fondly referred to as sex). 2013 was re-introduced this season, and for the most part I am happy about this. They seem to have re-invented her character/ killed of Hannah but I won’t hold it against her. She really has come in like a Wrecking Ball (I’m sorry, I had to).

As this season draws to a close I’m so thankful they aren’t trying to pull the “world is ending, the Mayan calendar said so” cliffhanger this year. While it didn’t really personally affect me, it affected my newsfeed and seemed to give greater promise to the heinous acronym YOLO (which thankfully seems to be widely discontinued in 2013).

As someone who usually has taste for programs a little bit more humour filled I would say 2013 really wasn’t for me.  Don’t be turned off by the pilot, I get the feeling the best is yet to come (at least that is what I keep telling myself). If you get past the characters, plot and themes 2013 is an ok series. What the characters plots and themes lack in diversity and complexity they make up for in underage alcohol consumption.

2013 was not easy viewing, but it seems like a necessity if you want to keep up with 2014 (premiering January 1). Besides, as Megan Amram says “sometimes things get really good before they get cancelled”.


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