See no evil. Speak no evil. Do mo’ evil.

(New Writer) Clare Neal gets real about what it is to shake your hips alongside a Catholic Education. Artwork by Kobi.

vish 31

I have been taught in catholic schools since the age of four, so with thirteen years of biblical knowledge up my sleeve I’m definitely a better person than you, right?

In a new age world fraught with atrocities such as cross-faith marriages, atheism and, perhaps most horrifyingly, science, it could be a difficult decision for parents deciding whether or not to subject their child to the religious instruction of an educational establishment. Should religion be taught in school? With our daily schedules becoming increasingly flooded with various extracurricular activities, how does one factor in religious education- a subject which is made to seem immeasurably valuable by society? With all of my divine knowledge, let me impeach to you all an alternative to contemplating such baffling issues:

Fuck it.

No seriously, spirituality cannot be taught by a factory milling out robots for the man, no matter what your religious beliefs may be. No matter what the school may say, no matter what the church may say. From my experience, teaching spirituality in a school is like learning to surf in the desert- the content may be there in theory but it’s hard to put to use in a climate so dry.

So why did my parents put me through the catholic school system? Good question actually. Neither of my parents are particularly religious, their own religious affiliations having fallen into dormancy from when they themselves were children. My mother had always told me that she though sending me to these schools would give me a “better go at life”, which is nice, but this response leaves me with eyebrows mimicking the Cadbury Chocolate ad of 2009. Since moving my brother from a religious school to a public school, my parents seem to have changed their action plan on creating the ideal child. Personally, knowing the bible back to front hasn’t made me any more catholic. If anything it has made me question Catholicism even more ruthlessly.

So there you go, my thoughts on religious education. Take it or leave it, it is one thing from my education which has scarred me for life and, just like my own sense of spirituality, something I am always open to talking about.

Sorry God,



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