Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 7

November 2013. School’s Out. Artwork by Kobi

art work text

Hey Rad Men,

2013 is almost out of the door. It took a whole 10 months for this lass to get to this point, which makes us wonder. 2013, what the actual heck. 2 more months, she begs. Fine, we say. Don’t mess this up. Your brother 2012 was a real bastard to us. In fact, your whole family has to a lot to say for themselves. 2013 looks at us for a long time, before doing that annoying thing she does where it seems like she’s moving really quickly but also really slowly at the same time.

It’s November and spirits are running high in the schools of Australia. School is ending. Schoolies is beginning. And the cycle of existential crises will begin for a new lot of fresh faces. It’s been a year since we graduated from high school and the whole thing has just been ever so peculiar. What is life? After a year of being out of the secondary educational system, you’d think we’d have more of an idea.

You have been an eventful motherfucker, 2013. We have a new heir to the throne, a new Prime Minister and new laws for our beloved bikies. You taught Kevin that 07 is as good as it’s going to get and yeezus you gave us another Kayne album.

For some of the baby faced dolls of the class of 2012,  adulthood has come naturally and the world is treating us well in love, licenses, GPAs of 7 and Friday nights clubbing ventures. For others, it has been a year of unintended gap years and being beaten repeatedly by this thing called life. Regardless of your manners 2013, we want to pause and take a bit of a stocktake before Father Christmas invades more than our local shopping centres. For better or worse we are coming out the other side of 2013 and we want to pay tribute, before it is too late.

Love always,

Kobi and Sarah


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