2 Sp00ky 4 u

Presenting some creepy beats to carry you through October. Artwork by Sarah

sced 2

If we could direct our very own horror film, it would be pretty standard in terms of our work i.e. brilliant, knocker of socks, life-changing, sew insparashinnnel omg. You’d probably soil your pants at least twice upon viewing it and rate it amazing/10. We’d win all the awards and Anne Hatheway would give us a sloppy kiss on both cheeks and we’d never wash our faces again because ANNE and everyone would be happy except Steven Spielburg but he can go hang out with that depressing minger tit watserface from Misery who likes to keep talented men with broken limbs.

Production is yet to begin, but we have  made a shortlist of songs to go on the soundtrack. We’ve selected a wide variety of beats, from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Lady Gaga. Perhaps you’d like to lend an ear and have some scary time out? We appreciate all opinions and critical acclaims. Thanks babes, we’ll save you a spot in our Academy Awards speech.

Spook u l8er.

sced 1


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