Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 6

October 2013. Fear. Artwork by Kobi


Hey people who can read,

As humble Rad Men, we would like to apologise for our lack of online presence. We are so sorry that we allowed the universe to sweep us into its bulging arms and carry us off into the unforgiving desert that is life. We swore our vengeance; never again, said we. And we fought off our raging social, intellectual, fitness and sexual routines so we could sit proudly behind our computer screens and hear the steady tapping of keys being pressed.

Ah productivity. It’s what any office environment thrives on, and this month, it’s what the Rad Men office is planning to instill as a constant in our oh so eventful lives. Speaking of eventful, this month is literally going to mentally unhinged. As we celebrate our 0.5 birthday we are not slamming on the breaks. No dear, dear reader, we are in fact flooring the accelerator on life and expanding our empire.

Firstly, we introduce our fresh, baby faced contributors Bib and Finnikin. They seem to have our coffee orders down pat, so we are allowing them to scan in their copy cards at the printers and churn out some sweet, sweet discourse for you. We also have launched ourselves on to Tumblr, for reasons we don’t fully understand ourselves. Perhaps we are just on a bit of a power trip re: our triumph with Twitter …all the same you should put out those hitchhiking thumbs and tag onto our cyber bandwagon.

This month, we be all like getting our spook on, because our theme is FEAR.  Let’s all be brave little souls and peek daintily through the keyhole of the door to what freaks us the freak out. Be it skeletons, the dark void under your bed or your mum’s moustache, we’re there. We’re so there. And we’re not sure if we’re going to make it out of here.

Love always,

Kobi and Sarah


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