Jolly Jinglez for the Ho Ho Hoez



Kobi and Sarah lay out some sick festive beats to grind to. Artwork by Kobi and Sarah


It’s time to unleash the Rad arsenal of Christmas songs we compiled for you during our tea break at the office.

It’s September, so it is awkwardly inappropriate to be playing this in eavesdrops of anyone; but we don’t care. Being overtly inapporaite is basically our middle name. For reals, our birth certificate reads ‘Rad Overtly Inapporiate Men’.

Anyway, have a festive aural experience children, as one of our better interns put it, “It’s not Christmas until you get a limo round front”. This is why we have decided to be the binary opposite of the Grinch and to give the best gift of all, music. From us to you, have a merry September and a happy new October.

bill 2


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