Rad Man of the Month: Benjamin Law

Introducing our very first Rad Man of the Month who is literally a man. Artwork by Sarah


You know you have yourself quite the commodity when you have someone who describes themselves as your “local homosexual”. There’s no one else quite like Benjamin Law.

We probably first fell balls deep in like with this guy when we read one of his always sassy and brilliant pieces for Frankie. It was then that we started noticing him in other places. He had a column for the Courier Mail‘s weekend magazine, QWeekend. He wrote for Good Weekend, the Sydney Morning Herald‘s equivalent of QWeekend. He appeared on the Paper Radio podcast, reading an excerpt from his book, The Family Law.  And then there is the sexual slab of literature which is his second novel, Gaysia.  Over the years we have developed somewhat of a Benjamin Law fetish; and today spend unhealthy amounts of time fangirling over him at our weekly Rad Men meetings.

We actively try to avoid speaking in cliches and generalities at the Rad Men headquarters; but in the case of Mr. Benjamin Law’s writing we throw caution to the wind because he may very well be the most radical human being in existence.  Law takes the art of a simile to entirely new level. He is humourous, exciting, real, and very compelling. This post could easily become a list of adjectives about reasons Benjamin Law is more radical than your average human. 

Benjamin has a consistent style throughout his work; he is honest, he is thoughtful, he comes out with slithers of excellence such as this: “When iCal introduced the colour brown to proceedings, I became genuinely excited. Finally, I can colour code my toilet breaks too, I thought”. How can you not love this man after reading that. His writing is always strikingly relatable, whether he is digressing about how others treat his interracial relationship with his boyfriend or how his mother loves the word cunt. Even if you aren’t gay or have never experienced racism or are Mitt Romney; Law is just so untouchably universal. He makes you care by being so genuine.

Law’s two novels are so tasty you irrationally binge on them and within 24 hours regret it instantly because you are sorry the experience is over.  His first novel,The Family Law (2010) is kind of like a neurotic, foul mouthed and exponentially more awesome remake of the Brady Bunch.  The Family Law was shorlisted for Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Award. Released last year, his second novel, Gaysia offers an insightful look into the life of homosexual Asians.  (Freshly baked snaps all around).  We are just setting up a tent outside Avid Reader, to avoid missing his next launch.

We got the secretary at Rad Men to draw up a bit of a colour-coordinated time table so that we can make it to all his events at the upcoming Brisbane Writer’s Festival. At this point Mr. Law (or yourself, dear, dear reader) probably wants to (understandably) reward all our enthusiasm with a bit of a restraining order. #SorryNotSorry #Mr. BenjaminLaw is #AugustRadManofTHeMonth


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