I’d Reblog That: Fatma Al-Remaihi

Introducing Fatma Al-Remaihi, our July Tumblr artist.

When we first bore witness to the wonder that is Fatma’s work, we were balls deep in awe. Her art is the kind that is gorgeously mesmerising, with superb intricacy and an almost enigmatic feel to the intimately sketched subjects. Fatma is definitely a Tumblr artist to keep your tabs on; follow her and her pieces will own your dash.


Introduce yourself to the good people.

Hello! My name is Fatma Al-Remaihi and i’m an illustrator from Qatar. 

What do you have to say for yourself in terms of your art?

I’ve always loved making images, but what seems to have stuck with me my entire life is drawing.

When did you first pick up a pencil and decide that drawing was your thang?

Drawing is my oldest friend, i’ve been drawing ever since I can remember.

You feature a lot of faces throughout your work. Is there any significance behind this for you and are they based on real people?

Haha, the faces are mostly random, but I do use myself as a reference sometimes. Occasionally, the subjects within my pieces are based on real people and/or real events.

Are you currently working on any projects?

I’m working on a number of oil paintings and a sketchbook which i’m hoping to finish before the end of August. 




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