Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 4

August 2013. Ambition. Artwork by Kobi.

Rad men visual

Hey there earthling,

We would like to extend our most friendly and unclammy hand to yours to thank you for sticking around. Thanks for helping us bask in our own coolness last month as we unironically loved Comic Sans, #stoodwithwendy (the only hashtag we at the Rad Men office are happy to trend, unironically) and connected with a fellow Saddle Club enthusiast we had never met (unironically).

As we are now in our fourth issue we are getting a little ambitious and tackling Ambition.

You ever have that experience when you’re just beginning to grasp that some things are just not fit for human consumption? Where a supposedly superior person asks you what you want to do with your life?

This can happen when you are under the age of six, when you’ve initially established that eating sand is not socially acceptable and being a mermaid or rocket ship seem like valid career paths. Or perhaps you are fifteen and doubting the legitimacy of dining on dead animals, and you want to be either Tyra Banks or a chemical engineer. Maybe you are forty-three and have just discovered that maybe cannibalism isn’t really your thing and you actually have a true passion for taxidermy. The universe and consequentially, your life just will have a fantastic ambiguity to it.

Ambition; it’s the something we all wish we could get prepackaged upon graduation with a neat little giftcard listing the exact way life will play out (from unwanted pregnancies to degrees and which is the best superannuation).

Dear readers (old and new) let’s pop the stay fresh caps off that paracetomol because we plan to get more sloshed on Ambition than the adolescent Amish at RUMSPRINGA. We’re asking dem deep questions this August. What is that you really want from this life? And how many goats are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

Stay golden children, stay ambitious…

Love Always,

Kobi and Sarah


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