Rad Vocab, Vol. 1

Kobi and Sarah teach you how to sprechen the lingo of an original Rad Man. Artwork by Kobi


There is no surer sign of intimacy than that of close friends’ shared language and inside jokes. When others have been made uncomfortably isolated due to being unable to understand what you and your homie are saying, you’ve basically made it to fourth base and have only the kind of friendship that the kids in Yugioh would dream of. Believe us when we say there is nothing bewilderingly cooler.

Today, we would like to share with the class our favourite personalised creations of the English language.

balls deep: being emerged in an activity. This is a clever metaphor used in cases where you are enveloped up to your reproductive organs in the waters of said activity.

http://www.____.com: a nice alternative to hash tags, where any terms can be inserted to emphasise particular points (adopted from our good friend Finnikin)

blast and a half: an alternative form of “double plus good” (Orwell, 1984). If you are still confused you clearly are unread and not the kind of person we want adopting our lingo. www.SorryNotSorry.com

Michael Cera/10: a very awkward moment

fresh snaps: a synonym for kudos (please note that snaps can come in a variety of forms; freshly baked, scrambled, caramelized etc.)

hop on the bandwagon: to participate in a specific ordeal such as a fad or new creed. e.g. To follow in the heavenly footsteps of Tom Cruise and hop on the Scientology bandwagon.

Jesus take the wheel: When in refusal to take responsibility for your own life you let old Jesus Christ be your GPS. (commonly referred to as “throwing caution to the wind”).

old mate: a term used to refer to anyone at anytime, because you are feeling especially lewse. Mostly a synonym for ‘you-know-who’.

what’s the sitch: adopted from Disney’s classic cartoon, Kim Possible; watch the following to gain some context

deece: decent shortened to one syllable, so as to not waste your life.

sick tricks on a skateboard: when something is uber cool. e.g. Rad Men is S!k tr!x on a s8bored (plz note alterative hipster spelling). For additional credibility, one may also refer to specific skateboarding techniques such as ollies. See alternative form: sick tricks (many thanks to our good friend Libby)


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