Things We Think Cool Kids Do

Sarah and Kobi list (stereotype) the things you do when you’re what’s up.coool

– Shop exclusively at mainstream fashion retailers such as City Beach and Supre

– Go to parties and drink all substances (alcoholic and non-alcoholic substances alike) from red cups

-Have seriously in-depth and complicated problems that can only consoled by ITunes top ten

– Flatten out snapbacks to appear infinitely more intimidating to fellow tweens

– Harbour at least one hipster friend, one gay friend and one friend from an alternative ethnic background. So they can marvel at how quirky and non-racist their friendship circle is.

– Always own the latest model of the iPhone. Even if they are just being placed on the shelves, you will already be playing angry birds on it.

– Have a seriously passionate political agenda. Vote one whichever pollie has the most provocative insty account and s!ickest tweets.

– Never look into the deeper cultural significance of any actions, clothing or words. It sounds cool, it looks cool, so it must be socially acceptable

– Turning photographic self portraits into to a fine art. Joining countless others in publishing their masterpieces online on multiple social networks

– Never resisting the urge to alert the world of any significant moments in their your life. From being in a relationship to taking a shit, nothing is too small or irrelevant to proclaim to your 563 friends on Facebook


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