Q & A with “iwantaltitude”

Here at the Rad Men headquarters we spend inappropriate amounts of time surfing YouTube. Our favourite Youtube past times include 100 Ways to Love a Cat and bad American reality tv such as I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, To Catch A Predator and Lock Up. Along with making it really easy for us to access our guilty pleasures, Youtube  has created a platform for young and upcoming musicians be seen and most importantly heard.

With 41,391 subscribers, she is a little Youtube famous. She featured in Goyte’s YouTube orchestra and  most importantly is a fellow Saddle Club enthusiast. She really is an honorary Rad Man. Introducing iwantaltitude….

In terms of music, what do you have to say for yourself (where do you feel the next year will take you)?

I would love to have recorded an EP by the end of next year, because ill be out of school and actually be able to go somewhere with music.

How did iwantaltitude come to be?

Most people think that ‘iwantaltitude’ means ‘I want to be taller’, seeing as im only 4ft 10. But it’s actually, ‘altitude’ is the name my friend came up with for our almost-band five years ago. I created the youtube account as a kind of fan-base for our band ‘I want altitude’, so really it has nothing to do with my current youtube channel or its content.

Have you had anyone react to your fairly successful career as a youtube-ian?/ (for our own personal enjoyment what has been the weirdest comment you have ever had?)

hahaha yes! When I’ve gone into the city, I’ve been recognised by complete strangers and that was a very strange experience, one girl was almost crying….

o.O lots of people are quite shocked when they find out about my youtube videos. My friend often make fun of me by mentioning it when im introduced to people for the first time. “this is Andie, she’s youtube famous” and I’m all like “guiizzz shudduppp” gosh its awkward.
The weirdest comment I ever had.. gosh, there has been quite a few… From really random insults like “her face looks like someone set fire to it with a pickaxe”, to marriage proposals… My friends and family find it very entertaining to read through the comments on my videos and mock me, all in good humour of course!

So as well as your divine covers you also write your own stuff; do you have a secret song recipe > what do you think about when you are writing?

hmmm.. quite a few of my songs are about boys (of course), who have either been complete assbutts to me, or have not loved me. So I sing about how angry I am at them for that. haha. I do think about rhyming, a lot. Probably too much. some of my songs write themselves from rhymes. I think about relatable lyrics, fast lyrics, like squeezing too many syllables into the one phrase so it has to be said very fast. I think about oooo’s and aaahhh’s and interesting chords. I think a LOT about chords, interesting complex chords.

You have done numerous collaborations > do you have a favorite?

Favourite collaboration…. well I’ve done so many different ones, and all the people I’ve asked to work with me have been good friends. Personal fav is probably the videos in which Jamison eats random shit. It’s lovely. I love Nick and his classy crotch dancing as well as his ridiculous puns. I loved jamming with Jack from the frenchmenplatoon, he’s a great musician. Truth is, there’s something I love about every collaboration I’ve done.

We found your Saddle Fart channel, brilliant stuff. Which Saddle Club character do you identify most with?

ooooo gosh, this is a big question for me. I was OBSESSED. Well, in year 3 , I think it was, I had two best friends, so naturally, we were the Saddle Club. I was carol because I was the only one who owned a purple jumper. Plus I wasn’t blonde, and didn’t own anything red. I always wanted to be Lisa because she was the coolest and I thought she had the best voice. Which character I identify with most today…. maybe Stevie, because she’s rebellious, boy crazy and does what she wants. That’s how I wanna be.

Lastly, our theme this month is COOL.
What is your take on the cool epidemic? What does it take to roll with the cool cats?

Being cool…. is being confident, having faith in yourself. Liking yourself, being proud of what you do. Thinking for yourself. Doing things because you want to, not just because someone told you to. Loyalty is wicked cool. Being chilled and laid back is cool. Being adventurous, living in the moment, being flexible and independent. Being happy and what ever you are. I have some loud friends that are really cool, I have some really quiet friends who can sometimes be even more cool because nobody knows that they are cool.

I guess, cheesily, being comfortable with who you are.


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