Rad Man of the Month: Wendy Davis

Sarah fangirls over Wendy Davis and h8s on everyone else.


Here are the basics in case you were unconscious on June 25th. Wendy Davis is an American lawyer and Democrat from Texas. On said date, she began a filibuster, a procedure where government proposals can be prevented by vote via a debate. What was Wendy speaking against? Texas Senate Bill 5, a new law that would further limit abortions by banning the procedure from 20 weeks of pregnancy, and by restricting abortion pills. It would also effectively shut down abortion clinics across the state. Davis spoke for eleven hours against the bill, without eating, without drinking and without any bathroom breaks. She read letters from women and doctors that would be affected.The woman wore a back brace so she could last. All so she could prevent the passing of this law.

If there is someone who without a doubt knows what hard work feels like, it’s this girl. She along with 3 other siblings was raised by a single mother with a sixth-grade education. At nineteen, she was a single teenage mum. Yet somehow, she worked her way to college, (being the first person in her family to go to university) and later graduated from Harvard Law School.

Davis has been scrutinised in reference to her own teen pregnancy, with individuals such as Texas Governor Rick Perry claiming that “She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself….It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.” To people who agree, we suggest that you take some time to self reflect and just think for some time in the naughty corner. (No snaps for you, you dirty narrow-minded ferret.) We are talking about a woman who was raised by a struggling single mother and who later made her own decision to have her child, even under difficult circumstances. A woman who decided to stand up, in a room filled with many men in opposition to her and to declare NO. Women have a right to a choice. And in a room of men that attempted again and again to silence her, Wendy refused to be silent.

Understandably, Wendy has caused a lot of controversy as anyone who publicly supports abortion will. Yet she has also captured the world, with people proclaiming her name as a feminist icon and embracing the hashie #istandwithwendy. During the filibuster, Obama tweeted “Something special is happening in Austen tonight”. Her pink sneakers she wore during the debacle have become a symbol of her resolute long lasting determination. This woman is radical. In saying that, let’s not forget the also very radical Senator Leticia Van de Putte, who left her own father’s funeral to support Wendy’s cause. After being ignored many times when she attempted to make inquiries, with her male collegues being chosen over her, she finally asserted “At what point must a female senator raise her hand, or her voice, to be heard over the male colleagues in the room?”.

However what shits me, is how people have reacted to this. Obviously, you have your majorly Christian pro-life h8erz. You have your power hungry misogynists. Those are sadly givens in this world of ours. You can google Wendy Davis and just see in the first few pages of results, links about her shoes and her attractiveness. The fact that she is a female senator is novelty enough for some. I’m not yet sure if these reactions are as bad as pure ignorance. At a party Kobi and I went to soon after the Texas debate, we along with a few other politically aware friends were naturally discussing our newly discovered love for Wends. To this, some girls questioned “who’s Wendy?”.

Kobi and I live in Australia, which is a substantial distance from the US of A. We are both adolescent girls, and neither of us have personally experienced motherhood. Yet we care about Wendy and what she represents, with a passion. If a woman can overcome such ample obstacles as she has to fight for other women’s reproductive rights, what isn’t possible? We’d don some pink kicks if it meant we could be half as excellent as her.

“It was worth it.” (Wendy Davis, 2013)


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