Comic Sans is Cool

Kobi traces her bittersweet love for the notoriously smooth font, Comic Sans.  


I am a rather meticulous person. About 6 months ago, I self diagnosed myself with OCD. I was at work when I realized that my right eye would twitch if the stock order was not in the same coloured ink and handwriting. I literally felt like someone was placing taught barbed wire around my face if the change room curtains weren’t all pulled to the left side. When I think about it, I have always had these slightly OCD, very pshychotic tendencies. At school I would only write in black biro and highlight with yellow. I can’t deal with my bookcase being out of alphabetical order and refuse to sit in the middle of people; I must always be on an end. Else, I may start violently convulsing on the floor.

So, I suppose it won’t shock you that from the ages of 8 to 14 I wrote all my school assignments in Comic Sans. From what I can remember, I genuinely liked the font. It was the denim to my denim, the lace to my socks, it was slicker than the Fonz and had more charisma than Robbie Williams ripping off his ass cheeks in his video clip for Rock DJ (what can I say, I was one cool kid). In all seriousness, I thought Comic Sans was the Bruce Springsteen of fonts; an absolute boss.

It was versatile, it was neat and catchy. The thought of submitting any piece of assessment in any other font (including the classically neutral Times New Roman) was enough to make me legitimately consider dropping out of school and spending my life on the streets. The thought of putting my grade 4 Recorder band skills to use, by busking under a bridge and surviving solely off the McDonald’s small change menu seemed like a much better idea than submitting an assignment unaligned and in Ariel. I might add, that my exclusive Comic Sans approach earned me more than one academic award.

I don’t know what changed. But one day, I woke up and decided that Comic Sans was no longer at the crux of my academic existence. It is probably a good thing. These days, poor old Comic Sans is nothing more than a font everyone uses to ensure that they are not taken seriously, hence the reason my Resume is in Comic Sans. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I conjure Comic Sans in Photoshop to articulate some kind of half witted joke. Comic Sans has always been there for me. It’s nice curves, its solid contour; what is not to like? kkkkkkl

I suppose I am rapidly coming to the realization (and I am not ashamed to admit it) that I like Comic Sans un-ironically. Which is why (if I could vote at the federal election) I would vote for the party who put their name in Comic Sans on the Ballot Paper.

I wish I was lying.


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