Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 3


July 2013. Cool.

Dear Rad Men Enthusiasts,

Thank you for still staying with us, and for not letting go. You have already exceeded Rose in her loyalty to Jack.

For those of you that are new, WASSUP. We are two girls that could do with more friends and if you’re digging our beatz, be sure to drop us a line (corny rad men puns especially welcome).

Last month we all grew up a little as we openly discussed out drinking habits and primal adult instincts with you, dear readers. We talked to a guy who we’ve never met in person and we legally downloaded music for free. Crack us open some toasted almonds, while we roost in our nest of solid maturity.
This month we tackle what is to put the double O in cool. Obviously because we graduated school and then started a blog in our free time, we are total authority on Cool. Back in 2005 we both wore denim jackets and crafted Scoobies; we were one step away from the hood and now, with our monocles and non-ironic love of 90s sitcoms, the hipsters only wish they could be us. Anyone can follow a trend, but it takes a Rad Man to remain timelessly slick.
Dear, dear readers, buckle up. You are in for a month filled with fedoras and arbitrary references as we rewrite the dictionary definition of COOL.
Love Always,
Kobi & Sarah
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2 thoughts on “Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 3

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