I’d Reblog That: Tim Colmant

Introducing Tim Colmant, our Tumblr artist of the month. 


Here at Rad Men we enjoy being unproductive members of society by getting balls deep into the world of Tumblr. Our unproductivity has made us Tumblr addicts who mainly just mindlessly re-shite.  That’s why when we discover a Tumblr which is a rich pool of original content we lie on our backs and listen to There is A Light That Never Goes Out  by The Smiths. Introducing  Tim Colmant whose bright and quirky images turn those frowns to smiles, leaving you nostalgic for childhood.

In terms of your art, what do you have to say for yourself?

Fun is the main part for me. A mix of colours and shapes. I try to do something abstract so viewers can see what they want. Don’t think too much , if you enjoy your drawing than viewers are going to enjoy it too. It’s really hard to talk about your own art…


Tell us about your making process…

Most of the time I just sit in front of my computer and I put shapes into the paper. Sometimes it’s the things that I remember from my day and sometimes totally intuitively. But at the same time I erase a lot, to be sure that the result will please me. The computer gives me this opportunity. But I think one day I will try real painting, or sculpture…. to escape from the comfort of digital art. 

You have made a few striking gifs….Do you feel that they are a defining new medium to work with?

As I said before, it is all about fun and pleasure. And gifs is really quick, simple animation. With only a few frames you need to make something. For myself I like to gifs who are really speed, and maybe hypnotic, kind of a visual drug. Because it’s really coll that you can watch a gif of 5 seconds for 2 minutes, just get stuck like a zomby in front of the computer. Ans it’s so easy to make a gif in photoshop that you must be a fool to just try one one day. It;s not a new medium, because gif was created in 1987 (thanks wikipedia), it;s just a hpye thing right now. Don’t ask me why haha. So maybe not a defining medium to work with but for me a simple way to try a little animation. 

What do you think of Tumblr as a publishing platform for artists?

I’m only on Tumblr since November 2012. At first I only have 2 or 3 followers. But it was not a question of followers, more a way to evolve my illustration style and by putting them into the web, that force you to try and make quality stuff. And months after months I get lucky to have more followers, makes some digital friends and be bless by the tumblr radar. So it’s all good. Also there is a lot of great artists in Tumblr. A nice easy way to get to see and saw amazing art.


Your pieces are very vibrant, quirky and playful, with your use of bold geometric lines and shapes and colour. Does this reflect you as a person?

Haha, I think so. Want to keep my child mind, and reflect in my drawings and that people feels a little bit happier after watchings my work. Well I hope they are happier. 

Are you a fan of using emoticons in texts? We’ve notices a few smileys throughout your pieces…

Well not really, but I draw memories of my everyday life, and because I often use social network, smileys can slip into my art. 

Finally, our theme this month is ADULTHOOD. Do you have an advice for the youngsters taking their first plunges as grown ups?

I’m only 23, so don’t know if that make me an adult already (forever young!). But well, think before you act, is the best advice I can give if you want to make big life changing decision. Hope it will help….

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