Now That We Are Adults

Kobi and Sarah accurately articulate what it is to be a member of the 18+ club

visual*Kobi will not actually be an adult for another 6 months.

Now that we are adults, we shall:

-Pick and mix our personal favourite aspects from the latest Ikea catalogue.

-Cancel our subscriptions to Total Girl and Disney Princess and open subscriptions to more serious and pressing publications, such as That’s Life and New Idea.

-Add extra bran to cereal to encourage the cogs of our rapidly dating digestive system.

-Non-ironically submit our problems to the financial, health and psychic columns in said publications. Dear Agony Aunt, after my husband had a stroke and forgot my cat’s name, the poor thing ate itself in sorrow and I don’t know what to tell my children when they ask what happened to Mr. Whiskers. Help.

-Avoid inappropriate jokes about the Holocaust, rape, the Ku Klux Klan and other sensitive issues at all costs. Like we would be the 9/11 of humanity if we didn’t.

-Trade in our membership cards to Pumpkin Patch for ones from Miller’s Fashion Club.

-Complete the crossword in the Courier Mail to prevent getting dementia (triple sifted snaps for the cryptic crossword).

-Genuinely believe LOL means Lots of Love and use it as frequently as possible. At Mr Whisker’s funeral. It’s so sad that they never recovered the body. LOL.

-Start to read Jodi Picoult for the genuine enjoyment for her brain-numbing trash.

-Find arrogant middle aged men such as Detective Stabler from SVU attractive. Dat bald patch, dat.

-Constantly reminisce over the ‘good old days’ when kids were basically the same, just wore different clothes and listened to different music. The young punks of today just wouldn’t understand.

-Actually hear noise when we listen to the latest tunes. One Direction literally sounds like static to us. It’s not even music.

-Lose all technological ability. We are currently struggling with this email, hope you can forgive us. Tweet our Facebook or Youtube it or something. #LOL


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