Dear 33 Year Old Sarah,

Scan 58

It’s me, your 18 year old self. This may be confusing, but I am you, 15 years ago. 15 years! You’ve been a grown ass woman for 15 years! Kudos buddy, you deserve some freshly baked snaps.

By this time, I hope you will have achieved a few dreams of mine. You will be the owner of a fully functioning hoverboard. You will no longer be living at home with your parents. (I couldn’t care less if you were shacking in an exclusive cupboard under the stairs with 33 year old Kobi like you’re twin Harry Potters) And finally, and most importantly, you’ll found a way to make dollars without despising yourself.

Note that I have not included any goals concerning marriage, family, religious enlightenment, etc. Sure, if you have found any life changing phenomena such as these along the way, I will dig it. You are 33 years old and it is your life. PLZ LIVE UR LYF YOLO SEZZABABES. Speaking of which, do you remember your favourite song by The Strokes? I hope that whenever you hear it, it still makes you smile, that you still inwardly phase out everything else and that you still fall in love with Julian Casablancas’ incredible vocals every time.

My biggest hope, is that you still can laugh at anything, anyone and at anytime, yourself. We both know that this trait is the only thing that has really kept us sane over the years. I’ve found that as we’ve grown older, although we have started to become more cynical and dark, we still can laugh for minutes on end at a silly pun. What’s with that? Maybe you’ll have figured that out. Maybe you won’t. It’s perfectly ok if you don’t have all of the answers. If you’re still kickin’ it at 33, and you’re having a good time doing it, I think that you’re doing pretty swell.

Stay sweet,

Your 18 year old self


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