The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle by TV Girl

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Sarah eargasms to TV Girl’s first mixtape.

There’s something striking about the first spoken sound bites and synthesized rolls when they tread through your eardrums.

Slowly, it creeps into your being, slowly building, and the lead’s voice appears, joining the mix of sound. His voice is smooth, tenderly teasing you with his clever observations of society, pulling you in close when exposing his vulnerabilities as an individual. The synthesized melodies are deliberate, slow tuned and catchy while the simultaneously playing morsels of what appears to be 60s televised infomercials and breaking news stories on loop echo with people’s emotive cries, effectively breaking into your brain.

You may have never heard anything by TV Girl before, and yet here it is. Their 2012 debut mixtape The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle is a body that is completely fresh and yet tingles with nostalgia. It gently drives you into a strange state, where everything is new yet familiar. It’s an album that’s modern, yet timeless, almost merging past eras with the now. This is a sound capsule filled with nostalgia for the past, and this is portrayed especially within the sweeping melodies, and with an intermission track midway, when a Muppet’s voice alerts you that “This is the end of side one of this record. You can turn over now!”

Songs such as Mirror Mirror and Loud and Clear are stirringly hypnotic, with a modern uptake of sweet sixties airs and subtly biting and bitter lyrics, all served with a delicious undertone of irony. TV Girl hits a rainbow like spectrum of emotion, expressing longing, fear and regret. The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle captures so many deeper human flaws and desires.

Sometimes it feels like a fantasy, when you’re led through the yearning and dreamlike trance of certain tracks such as TV in the Bedroom. Yet other times you’re dropped back into harsh reality where they nudge you with sardonically simple lines like “… misery is hungry \ And souls are what it eats \ It devours all your insides \ And leaves you lighter than the breeze” (Track 3, Misery). It’s almost as if you are drifting through a tunnel of sound, to a place where life and time freezes, and you are able to observe it all with an astounding clarity. Before you know it, the last echoes of synths will fade out, lightly returning you to silence and actuality.

Download The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle for free off Stereogum (IT COMES WITH A COLOURING IN ACTIVITY BOOK).


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