The Final Word on First Impressions

Guest writer Finn delves into some first impressions of Rad Men hitting the cyber world; earning himself an honorary Rad Man Badge


“Rad Men”, the phrase conjures something epic.

As far as first impressions go, Rad Men is the Michael Cera of the internet. I mean they have made not necessarily an awkward and coy debut; but left a motherfucker of a mark. (As I say that I hope these gals aren’t offended that I have stolen their Michael Cera Scale of Awkwardness).

I feel like we sit at the beginning of something great here. A month of those necessary, awkward and insightful perves on first encounters. First encounters can be more dreadful than parents finding out their son is dropping out of medicine to study music. Oh sorry, I just got side-tracked by my story. And this isn’t about me. It is about two radical men who, tired of the monotony of their own (still incredibly awesome) blogs have started a venture together. I think in some ways this online chunk of heaven is over flowing with personal jokes more than anything; but that is what makes it great.

Rad Men is about opening a world and connecting with like minded people. If you are filthy, perverted and partial to a little pretension give them a shout. I’m sure they would love to hear your thoughts, see your art or caress your praise and criticism.

“Two girls with an internet connection and a lot to say” it is that simple.


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