Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 2

Scan 57

June 2013. Adulthood.

Dear Internet and Rad Men alike,

A month has passed since we initially took the liberty of shitting our far-fetched fancies all over you and calling it an online magazine.

A character in the much acclaimed blockbuster Contagion once said that blogging is just graffiti with punctuation. At Rad Men, we very much agree with this statement. Graffiti, my dear child, is art. And as the Original Rad Men, we find the idea of ourselves painting the canvas of the World Wide Interwebs very tasteful indeed. For all we care, you can call us Raphael and Leonardo, and we’ll be chuffed that we’ll be finally recognised as artistes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle enthusiasts.

This month we delve into Adulthood. With Sarah now able to vote and Kobi still illegally getting on the turps we are fully unqualified to offer any kind of worldly wisdom. But fuck it folk, this is what happens when you have an internet connection. Like young tribal boys  venturing out into the sea naked to spear dolphins and become men; we are exploring the right of passage to adulthood. We feel there may be a little more to it than waking up one fresh morning, turning over the digits on our biological age to read 18 and opting for bran over coco-pops.

Buckle up reader, hold onto your mature loins and let’s face post-puberty like we are Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (even if this is far from reality). Whether we like it or not, growing old is inevitable. We do honestly feel that Peter Pan may have been onto something. Yet then again, he was only a child. What the hell did he know?

Love always,

Kobi & Sarah


5 thoughts on “Editors’ Letter: Issue No. 2

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