Pride and Prejudice: The Book of First Impressions

Kobi and Sarah show off how literate they are as they delve into the ultimate story about first impressions, Pride and Prejudice

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If there is a book that simultaneously embodies both the power and the insignificance of a first impression, it’s Jane Austen’s Pride and Prej. Whether you have read/watched/written pornographic fan fiction or not, there are three likely positions you will hold on it:

a)    P&P is sheer brilliance

b)   Ew gay

c)     Who is Jen Ozten? What does prechuduce mean?

There’s a reason that Jane Austen is still a household name; that people still are violently attached to Mr. Darcy. It still holds true to society, somehow never becoming irrelevant. How could it? It has a smart and sassy heroine, who is experiencing all kinds of timeless issues, like clashes between social classes, relationships and prejudice. And as far as first impressions flow, this book is the Niles. Srlsy u guyz.

Elizabeth Bennet is a universal woman. What the frack does that mean? (I hear you ask). I mean, women everywhere can identify with some aspect of Liz. Whether is be the sass mouthin’ she gives her parents, the condescending glances she gives her sistahs and their men or the wit that oozes from her as she plays a little bit of hard to get with Fitzwilliam Darcy. Liz is just the ultimate moody wench; but deep down that is why we all (the female proportion of the population) luvz her. Liz and Mr. Darcy first cross paths as they shred the d.floor at the Meryton Ball. Swayed by the opinions of those around her, Liz resolves Mr. Darcy to be an arrogant and proud man before they even get to shake their hips in a Catholic way. In her quick judgment our Liz let’s herself think that old Darce is perhaps incapable of dem human feelz.

There’s a bit to consider from Darcybot’s end of town. Firstly, he is rollin’ and has been very well traveled. Suddenly he finds himself with his best friend in the middle of woop woop, surrounded by small town people who want him to marry their daughters. So what does he do? He assumes everyone and everything is average and that nothing is good, Elizabeth Bennet included. His first impression of her was that she was just some chick that was just “tolerable”, just not hot enough to bounce with. And this was where Darce was being a basic nob. His initial surmising of Liz failed to resonate, as he quickly falls for her. This must have been quite the transition for him, to travel from mere indifference to adoration. It really doesn’t help that he isn’t good with feelz either, as he is more awkward than a vegetarian shark.

If we learn nothing else from Pride and Prejudice it is that first impressions are not the be all and end all. If ole Fitzwillaim Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet could transform their first impressions enough to shack up together then perhaps Gillard and T-Abbot can eventually put their differences aside. At the end of the day Michael Cera has his first impressions down a little better than the Victorians. #MichaelCera4NxtFitzwilliamDarcy.


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