I’d Reblog That: Kobi Blake-Craig


Introducting Kobi: our Tumblr Artist of the Month.

Here at Rad Men, we like ourselves a bit of healthy and unproductive procrastination. It’s what led us from tossing twigs into our  neighbours’ pools to the world of amazeballs that is Tumblr.

However as Kobi would say, there are two types of Tumblrs. Ones that are a channel of mindlessly reblogged shite (arch example: Sarah’s tumblr), and ones that are the original pools of content. Every month, we shall be featuring an artist on Tumblr that broadcasts masterpieces well worthy for the procrastination wank bank. Today, we present to you our very own Original Rad Man, Kobi Blake-Craig.


In terms of your art, what do you have to say for yourself?

Not much. In fact,  I refuse to brand it “art”. I just draw and paint stuff, rather terribly.

Tell us about how cockroaches became your muses/French girls.

I started spamming photos of cockroaches to a friend of facebook. It kind of annoyed me that none of the images were funny or #H!p$t3R so I thought fuck it, if no one else wants to perve on their moist little bodies…. I will.

They became my muse because no one wanted them. Cockroaches are kind of like the orphan Annie.

I think it fascinated me that the more I knew about them, it didn’t nessearily change my own sentiments towards them. It fascinates me how I react to information, or perhaps how my art reacts in information and knowledge. It also fascinates me what an absolute wanker I can sound like.  



How intimately well known are you now with a cockroach’s anatomy?

They have a brain, they have a nervous system. Although unlike most creatures, their nervous system is predominantly houses the lower half of their body: this is why they can live up to a week headless. They have a heart and blood (although it is colourless). They have sensory organs; which I think is one of the coolest parts about them.

To answer your question >>> rather too intimately.

Do you ever ponder using different different subjects? Other insects, organisms, inanimate objects, abstract concepts per say.

People have written lists, but nothing has ever materialized from suggestions of other subjects. I’m someone who goes through phases. Phases of obsession, frustration and nothing. For the best part of 3 months I have drawn cockroaches. I have 7 sketchbooks filled with everything roach from their anatomy to stupid comics involving lyrics from the Smiths, cans of Mortein and Cats dressed as doctors. I think the cockroaches have run their course; though, you never know.  

In the last couple of days I have started drawing clothes lines; so we will see what becomes of that I suppose.

When did you decide that you needed to address the internet’s lack of roach art?

I think it was just a natural progression in my obsession. My fascination stemmed from a lack of roach anything in society and naturally the internet became a platform to absolutely piss people off. I enjoy being an absolute annoyance, I suppose it prevents anyone from taking me seriously.



Your work has a warped ironic humour to it along with arbitrary references to things like Delta Goodrem, the Pope and popular song lyrics. Douchemeister question time: do you feel that this reflects you as a person?

Warning, Douchemeister response….

Naturally anything anyone produces is going to be a fragment of themselves. Whether it be music, art, drama or total late night ironic facebook spam to friends it is always a piece of them. It reflects what they believe or don’t believe, want or don’t want. So, I suppose, in  many ways my fucking terrible “art” reflects the fucking terrible person I am. Or something.

Describe Paint, a program you’re obviously very fond of in three words.

I am God.


Any final words of wisdom?

You make it sound like I am dying, not finishing an interview on an unread blog. Don’t fret children I will most likely always be here.



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